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Do you want to discover the surprising yet proven secrets that will enable you to build your insurance agency through the magic of referrals? Of course you do - and that is exactly what this DVD/Digital Download will show you! Do NOT spend another penny on referral “systems” until you watch it. It’s ready and waiting to be shipped to you the same day you order.

"Thanks to Bill Gough and BGI Systems, in 2 years, I was able to increase my written premium from $1,887,661 to $3,020,552 an increase of 160%! Over $600,000 in New Business written from referrals alone!"

DJ Noland, President McGhee Insurance Agency NLR, Inc North Little Rock, AR

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Captive Insurance Agency Owners Captive and Independent Insurance Agency Owners
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Bill’s books give you even more useful information - for free!

Free Book - Insurance Agency Success: Powerful Secrets to Grow Your Business

Insurance Agency Success: Powerful Secrets to Grow Your Business

Hall of Fame agent, Bill Gough has helped countless insurance agency owners dramatically increase sales through the power of marketing and referrals.

Informed and Insured

Informed and Insured

This book includes all the information you REALLY need to know before you pay your next insurance premium - plus it also includes a FREE gift!


BGI Systems Toolkit

All of the systems and processes you need to run an ultra-successful insurance agency. These are PROVEN marketing pieces and processes that took Bill Gough to the Hall of Fame-- and have led to hundreds of awards for followers and coaching members.

Composed of 5 manuals on Sales, Marketing, Operations, Employee Training, and Employee Handbook (427 pages of materials)... PLUS all of the sales, marketing, and process tool you need.

It’s a GIGANTIC TOOLKIT...manuals, templates, and marketing materials that are customizable... every manual and document you’ll ever need for running and managing your agency AND marketing, growing, and retaining your book…

It’s fresh, and filled with 100% PROVEN ads, reference tools, special reports, marketing checklists, headlines, sales-letters, postcards, flyers, voice-broadcast scripts, and much, much more...

Taught in Our Platinum Coaching Program*

*Platinum Coaching Program is built specifically for Insurance Agency Owners selling Home, Auto, Small Commercial, and other personal lines of insurance.

The BGI Systems philosophy


My name is Bill Gough. I have been a small business owner for more than 35 years. As an insurance agency owner I consistently ranked in the top 3 - 5% of Agency Owners in America and was elected to the Allstate Hall of Fame.

How did I achieve this? I did it by associating with and hanging out with the best business owners and leaders. I learned their secrets and tricks of the trade. I used those to develop and refine my own systems and processes.

Over the years I built proven systems processes that can be used in ANY small business, in any department from sales, marketing, operations and more.

And I want to share them with you.

Bill Gough Signature

Bill Gough President, BGI Systems

The Bill Gough III Memorial Charitable Foundation

Founded in loving memory of his son who tragically passed away in 2007 aged just 23 years old, the Bill Gough III Memorial Charitable Foundation and Bill Gough III Memorial Scholarship Fund have been instrumental in helping both charitable organizations and individuals realize their goals. BGI is not just about business; it is about making a real difference to the people within our community.

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Bill Gough III Memorial Charitable Foundation

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