About Us

What is BGI Systems?

BGI was formed by Hall of Fame Allstate Agency Owner Bill Gough in 2008 based on the processes and systems that he used to achieve phenomenal success in his 27 year career, most of which he learned in the last 20 years of running his multiple agencies in Florence, AL and hanging around the best agents across the country.

Bill has always been a student of what was working for other business owners. He’s never been concerned with what industry it was in, because he believes we are all in the marketing business—we just happen to own an Insurance Agency.

These are the principles that BGI Systems uses to help other insurance agency owners achieve the same results that Bill has seen during his illustrious career. BGI teaches real-world, proven methods that help you grow your agency through higher retention, more new business sales, and more referrals. These simple systems, processes, and done-for-you services free you up to work on your own terms, instead of your business dictating what you can and can’t do.