The Closely Guarded Secret To Systematically Closing More Sales!

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Fact: Nobody has taken more market share from us than Geico. Why? Two words: sales process. Geico has one. Most agency owners don’t. And if you don’t have a sales process—built on scripts and checklists to eliminate variations—your agency is leaking money, right now as you read this.

How do we know? Because, years ago, that was Bill Gough! Winging every sales call, with no process, no scripts, no checklists. His sales and production were unpredictable, feast or famine—a nightmare.

Until he got access to a treasure trove of data, uncovered by mystery shoppers, about the Geico sales process. What a revelation! That’s when Bill developed his own sales scripts and tools, based on the Geico model.

After that, sales for Bill and his team soared to the top ½ of 1% among all Allstate agencies in America. His top sales superstar, Wendy Murphy, averaged 85–95 new policies per month.

Now, for the first time, you get exclusive training from Bill Gough and his Sales Superstar, Wendy Murphy, on Mastering The Art Of The Sale. It’s never been easier to Care, Sell, Quote, and Close !

In this Basic, grounding edition, you get LIVE training on:

  1. Bill’s “Fact Finder” Process, the #1 key to systematically closing more sales ...
  2. How to push every customer’s hot buttons, every time, with BGI Quote Sheets ...
  3. The 9 key sales scripts you must follow on every call to avoid rejection ...

... and a LOT more, all on video DVD, audio CD, and printed transcript.

These skills are yours forever. Guaranteed to give you an immediate sales boost!

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Mastering the Art of Sale - Basic Course

If you don’t have a sales process — built on scripts and checklists to eliminate variations—your agency is leaking money, right now as you read this.

“Bill has always been the marketer and king of the Internet. He strives for higher learning each and every day to be at the top of his game. His agency results over the years are a great testament to that. He gets great pleasure from know he’s opened a door for another agent by sharing what he’s learned. He is always learning, so there is always more to share.”

Cheryl Bowker Allstate Agent Livonia, MICheryl Bowker
Allstate Agent
Livonia, MI

“I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for opening our eyes to the vast opportunities to increasing our business. I have been an agent for 27 years, and I have for the first time in several years seen positive growth. I will make National Conference and Honor Ring as a result of implementing some of your processes!”

Frank Sargent Agent/Owner
Fort Worth, TX