The Ultimate Sales Collection

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Your marketing is working. The phone is ringing. Now what? You need to close the sale. And this is where too many agency owners and their employees fall short. That’s why improving your sales skills can dramatically increase your paychecks, overnight.

Now you can learn to land sales with ease in an all-new, jam-packed presentation with Bill Gough and BGI’s “Go-To-Guy” for sales, Josh Kelley.

In this Advanced, comprehensive edition, you get LIVE training on:

  1. EVERYTHING in the Basic Course, to systematically close more sales with Bill’s “Fact Finder” Process
  2. What to do FIRST to boost your sales (pages 39-40)
  3. The “Super Five” guarantee that eliminates price resistance (page 27)
  4. Why false beliefs can KILL your sales (and how to erase them) on page 64
  5. Insurance sales has 2 schools of thought. The poor (where most agents are), and the rich (where billionaire W. Clement Stone is “principal”). Find out which school you’re in on pages 56-57
  6. The word “quote” is short, sharp, harsh. It’s a negative trigger. There’s a softer, more profitable word to use instead — one that every customer wants. Find it on page 126
  7. What do people WANT to buy from you? Hint: It’s not insurance. You’ll find the million-dollar answer on page 77

And that’s just scratching the surface here. You get a LOT more, all on 6 video DVDs, 6 audio CDs, and a BIG 149-page transcript.

Best part: You do NOT have to sell your soul or become a “hard-core sales person” to persuade more customers to buy. Not anymore. These advanced sales strategies are the “missing link” to generating more cash from your agency, right now.

Stop settling for less than you’re worth. Grab your Risk-Free copy today!

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Mastering the Art of Sale - Advanced Course

These advanced sales strategies are the “missing link” to generating more cash from your agency, right now.

“Everything you teach is REAL WORLD, and by far the very best training we get. Your system for hiring and paying a Sales Superstar on straight commission is pure genius. My Sales Superstar is producing $40-45,000 per month in new business premium. This is life changing, and make dreams come true.”

Paul Phaneuf, Agency Owner

“I was only able to start a few processes (like the goal setting one)... and ended the week with an agency record $22,594 in P & C premium! Thank you!”

Joe Webster, Agency Principal

“I’ve had nothing but awesome responses from my clients! We also started adding new prospects to the system and it actually closed business! I am extremely glad I made the decision to go with you guys!”

Kevin Trinh, Agency Owner