Learn proven sales processes from some of the most brilliant business minds of our time

From referral systems to time-tested sales processes, BGI Systems’s products offer all the information you’ll ever need to grow your agency and send your profits shooting through the roof. These are the secret tools and systems that took Bill from the top 3% to the top half a percent of all Allstate agencies in America, and now they provide you a roadmap to do the same. Here’s what we have for you.

Green Sheet Process - Bill’s “secret sauce” to his legendary success. The Green Sheet Process gives you and your staff a simple three-step system to uncover more sales opportunities.

BGI Systems Referral System - learn how to get more referrals and close more quotes from the system that’s produced over 1,700 referrals and over a million dollars in new business.

Mastering The Art of the Sale: Basic Course - stop leaving money on the table. Gain access to a sales process, scripts and checklists that Bill Gough used to rocket his business to the top 0.5% of Allstate agencies.

Mastering The Art of the Sale: Advanced Course: once you’ve got the leads and the phones ringing, how do you close the sale? Learn how to dramatically increase your paychecks overnight with this proven sales process from Bill Gough and his “go-to guy” for sales, Josh Kelley.

The “Day With Ray” Spy Video: using technology as a “Profit Multiplier”, Ray Gustafson built his agency to over $5 million in premium after only four years in business. And now, you can learn how he did it in these exclusive videos where he reveals all his secrets.

Business Success Strategies: The Elite Mastermind Recording: eavesdrop on the elite mastermind meetings of legendary author, entrepreneur and marketing advisor Dan Kennedy. Discover the most prized and amazing business breakthroughs from 20 of the most brilliant business leaders of today.

Lead Generation Secrets: The Elite Mastermind Recording - Dan Kennedy and his pack of 20 elite entrepreneurs are back to reveal their most powerful marketing secrets yet. In this video, you’ll virtually be in the room of this money-making roundtable as they share their best lead-generation and marketing strategies.

BGI Systems Agency Operational Manuals: 15 years in the making, these “playbooks” reveal everything you need to know about how Bill built one of the top-performing Allstate agencies in the country.