Done for you services

Hands-free marketing services for a more profitable agency

Marketing takes time, testing and frustration. BGI Systems saves you all of this with our Done-For-You Services. We create all your social media and written marketing content so you can focus on your business and spend more time with your friends and family, all while keeping your marketing engine running and profits churning. Here’s what our Done-For-You Services have in store for you.

Facebook Moneymaking Marketing: Done For You - get more referrals, leads and new customers from Facebook. Never struggle with the time-consuming task of keeping your business current on the world’s largest social media network; we post engaging content to your Facebook page up to 20 times a month.

BGI Systems Done-For-You Newsletter: nothing drives more new business and retention than a newsletter. In fact, Bill has even said himself, “take away everything but my monthly newsletter and I’m still a booming, profitable agency.” With this service, Bill’s team creates a compelling, lead-generating newsletter for your agency, for as low as 84 cents per issue.

Become An Instant Author: Gain authority, become a local celebrity, and gain more referrals. You can be an author, and you never need to write a single word. Bill Gough’s book “Informed and Insured” boosted his referral rate up to 18% in a year. And now you can have your very own version of this book, with YOUR name as author and YOUR picture on the cover.