A Direct Response Marketing Flying Disc

Direct Response Marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing but also one of the most diverse forms of marketing.

The most common form of direct response marketing is direct mail. As a business owner, you have more than likely used direct mail in the past to grow your business.

Handling a Customer Complaint

Harvard business studies show that the biggest reason a customer stops being a customer is not pricing but “perceived indifference” on the part of the owner or an employee of the business.

What I mean by perceived indifference is when your customers think you don’t care about them and that they aren’t important to your business.

Accepting Responsibility

Most people have a difficult time accepting responsibility. We see avoidance of responsibility every day in both our personal and professional lives, at home, at work, and more.

It is important to always take responsibility for everything we do.

The Power of You

Have you thanked your customers today?

It’s quite easy.

If you want more business, start by thanking the people who are already giving you business!

As an agency owner, the words you choose to say to your customers hold the power to connect you to them in a meaningful way.

Failure can be a Good Thing

I know, I know, that’s a bold subject line. Just stay with me and keep an open mind…

It’s no secret that our worst fear is often failure. But what if failure was actually a good thing?

Encountering our fears and failures prompts the most necessary changes in our businesses.

Are You Accountable?

Most people hear the word “accountability” and instantly go on the defense. What I’m learning is that accountability is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it should be embraced.

Finding Balance While Building Happy, Healthy Relationships

I read an interesting article the other day about negativity versus positivity inside relationships. The article specifically mentioned a husband/wife relationship, but as I read and really started thinking, I saw a very applicable lesson with my team and even my customers. I thought that you, as a small business owner like me, could get some value from the information as well.

6 Tricks for Having a Great Day

As you know, it takes a lot of self-control to make it through the stressful workday. Something little can happen like the phone rings and the conversation not go the way I’d like, and then I’m in a negative mood that affects my productivity and the rest of my day.

4 Unconventional Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business

Spring is here! It’s that time of year where we roll up our sleeves and tackle some of the biggest projects we have around the house. While many of us wouldn’t hesitate to get started at home, few have ever thought about what doing a little “spring cleaning” in our businesses could mean for our success.