Live Skillfully

Way too often, it can be so easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over again every day. But, if you are going to be at your absolute best, it is a necessity to continue sharpening the saw. Striving to learn all you can each day and living to your full potential, because the alternative is stagnation.

Traits of High Achievers Part 2

Last week, I let you in on the first 7 traits of high achievers and the response was awesome! Several of you reached out in appreciation, and I got a kick out of it…thank YOU./p>

So to recap a bit from last week, Vanessa and I just sent our youngest daughter, Bailey, off to begin her college journey at Auburn University which is 5 hours away from us.

Traits of High Achievers Part 1 of 2

I am an avid reader. I ran across an article the other day that was talking about high achievers vs. low achievers. I can’t remember the source, but wanted to share them with you. It’s a long list of 14 traits, so for now, we will cover the first 7.

With all of our students going back to school or entering college for the first semester, shooting for the stars has been on my mind especially since my youngest daughter, Bailey, just started her freshman year at Auburn.

Choose Your Mentor Wisely

Written by Allstate Hall of Fame Member, Bill Gough

People love to give advice. However, most of the people who talk the most and offer advice freely are the very ones who need it the most. Just because someone is going around offering advice for free doesn’t mean they are the ones you should be listening to.

Be In The Present … Right Here Right Now

I’m constantly “in school” year round on the search for information to help me and you grow our businesses and our lives. Sam Geist is one person that I follow online. Recently, I read one of his articles and many of the bullets he shared below reminded me of a moving story I heard some years back.

How to Shape Your Life with Words

Last week, I read an email about how our words can shape our reality.

Let’s face it. Words are powerful. They have the power to create and shape our lives.

Anytime you speak something whether it’s in your thoughts or out loud, you are giving life to what you are saying; good or bad.

How to Use a Whiteboard to Sell More

One of the many suggestions I share often to improve performance is “whiteboard meetings”. We get many responses from agents about what a whiteboard meeting is and a few on how to use a whiteboard in your agency.

Like any other question that smart and curious people ask, it’s a great question if you do not know the answer.

The Secret Sauce of Business

In any small business, relationships are the “secret sauce”… those with customers most of all.

Building and nurturing customer relationships is the single biggest advantage of an Insurance Agency Owner.

Our industry is unique in that what we sell is not something people buy just because they want to.