The GREAT Responsibility of Leading Others (and Yourself)

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

Sometimes I hear from our agency owner members, “some people in my agency give up too soon and go back to what they deem to be a safer job. What do I do to convince them to stay and not give up?”

You really can’t.

Everybody makes their own choices and those choices make them.

Would You Like to Write More Life?

By Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

One of the most common questions we get from agency an owner is … “How can I write more life insurance in my agency?”

I want to dig into the why your agency should make life insurance an important part of your agency.

Improve Your Results on the Job by Taking Control of your Day

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

Want to improve your results on your job? Start by improving your day. Have better days and you will have better results, guaranteed. You can have better days by improving your mornings.
In an issue of Success magazine, Mel Robbins wrote:

"What's the first thing you did this morning? I bet it was reading messages on your cell phone.

Two of the Most Important Daily Measurements for You

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

Here are two questions I’d suggest you ask yourself toward the end of your workday, everyday.

1 … What Did I Do Today That I Should NOT Have Done?

The higher the numbers of items that you should not have done … the less effective and profitable you were.

Why Employee Profiling is Important

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

Over the years, I have found that the best thing to do is to profile your employees, including all new hires and current employees. There are many profiling companies available and I’ve tried about 8 different companies but I keep going back to Omnia because I think they’re the best.

3 Steps to Grow Your Agency: Part 3 of 4

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

This week we’re going to cover the second of 3 powerful steps to increasing the lifetime value of your new customer households to your agency.

If you would like to go back and read my previous two messages be sure to see the links below in the P.S. section.

Steps to Grow Your Agency Part 2

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

Last week’s message titled, 3 Steps To Grow Your Agency, was very well received and expectedly got a ton of response our readers.

The overwhelming response you guys and gals was you wanted more detail on each of the 3 steps.