Stay Positive

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

Almost every success story that I've heard or know of, brought me to the realization that it all began with a positive mindset.

To say that another way, almost every sad story I've heard or know, I realize it was driven by a poverty mindset: “I am poor and nothing is going to change,” or “I'm not good enough”.

It’s easy to get stuck telling yourself negative stories over and over again.

The Best Advice I Could Possibly Give You…

By Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

There’s nothing more valuable to the entrepreneur than TIME…

When you are growing your agency, the single biggest delay is almost always …


The best thing you can do as a business owner is:

leverage your time
avoid common mistakes
seek out the advice of experts.

This is Your Leadership Attitude Adjustment

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Agent

As a business owner, you are in a leadership position, and your leadership style affects not only how your employees view you, but more importantly how they respond to your action (or lack of action).

All leadership positions are subject to this equally.

Resolutions or Results?

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

2019 is here, and many new opportunities are on the horizon.

It’s been my experience that each year keeps getting better and better, and I’m looking forward to seeing ALL that 2019 has to offer.

Create a Future Worth Living

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

With the new year approaching, it makes sense to ask yourself, "how will 2019 year be any different?"

I am not talking about making a few new year's resolutions. You know, the ones made with a huge amount of excitement, kept for only a few days or weeks with that excitement, and then forgotten about.

Having Trouble Staying Focused this Holiday Season

We have approached the holiday season, and as you try to juggle your personal life activities along with work, there’s a good chance you will lose focus and momentum in the office.

Here are a few ways to stay focused and maintain high productivity during the chaotic holiday season:

Clear your mind.

Recreating the Basics

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

We are all creatures of habit. There is very little doubt about that.

If we get a choice of doing what we know versus something we must learn (especially if it includes any level of discomfort), we're likely to get back to our old habits very quickly.

Don’t Neglect

by Bill Gough, Allstate Hall of Fame Member

One of the world’s great business philosophers the late Jim Rohn taught,

“Neglect is a major reason why people don’t have what they want. If you don’t take care of things in your life, neglect becomes a disease.