The Sixth Side of Leadership is Boldness

This week, as I continue with the Seven Sides of Leadership as explained in Pat Williams’ book Leadership Excellence the sixth side of leadership, is Boldness.

Bold leaders make bold decisions. On every team, in every organization, somebody has to make the decisions.

Becoming a Lifelong Learner

To be the best leader possible for your team, you must possess competence. To gain competence you need experience and to become a lifelong learner.

A lifelong learner is someone who actively acquires new skills and capabilities through formal or informal educational means.

The Characteristics of a Leader

In Pat Williams book, Leadership Excellence he covers the 7 Sides of Leadership. The fourth side of leadership he covers is Character – the array of personality traits you have built into your life over time.

There are 7 character traits of a leader according to Pat – integrity, diligence, self-control, courage, perseverance, responsibility and humility.

What Does Your Character Say About You as a Leader?

Pat Williams states that Character is the fourth side of leadership in his book Leadership Excellence.

Your character is an array of personality traits you have built into your life over time. These personality traits determine how you will behave in a range of situations, including times of pressure, danger, stress, and temptation.

7 Ways to Sharpen Your People Skills

As a recap, according to Pat Williams’ book Leadership Excellence, the first side of leadership is Vision, the second side is Communication and the third side is People Skills.

To increase your success as a business owner and leader, here are 7 ways to build your people skills.

The Second Side of Leadership is Communication

Vision is the first side of leadership but vision alone is not enough. As a leader, you must communicate your vision to your followers.

Pat Williams explains in his book, Leadership Excellence the second side of leadership is communication.

So the question is: How can I become a more effective communicator and leader? What are the ingredients of effective communication?

Effective leaders communicate the vision again and again and again.

Vision Produces Vital Effects

Last week I shared with you that leadership is all about the future and that true leaders must have a vision for the future. If you missed that message, reply back and my team will be glad to send it to you. Vision produces three vital effects in the life of a leader.

A Direct Response Marketing Flying Disc

Direct Response Marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing but also one of the most diverse forms of marketing.

The most common form of direct response marketing is direct mail. As a business owner, you have more than likely used direct mail in the past to grow your business.

The Power of You

Have you thanked your customers today?

It’s quite easy.

If you want more business, start by thanking the people who are already giving you business!

As an agency owner, the words you choose to say to your customers hold the power to connect you to them in a meaningful way.