3 Secrets To Completing Your Most Important Tasks

Our lives as small business owners are chaotic, plain and simple. If you’re anything like me, on any given day you’ve got a slew of tasks to complete and distractions pulling you in a million different directions.

For us as small business owners, staying focused can be one of our biggest daily challenges.

Think like a Winner

Right now, after the World Series and seeing the Braves win for the first time in 26 years (sorry Astros fans), I’m thinking of winners. I’ve always been a sports fan, and I know I’ve talked about that before in my messages to you like this one.

In most sports, no matter how the game goes, there are great plays and poor ones, and there’s always a loser and a winner, even if it takes overtime and each team giving it every scrap of energy they’ve got.

Who’s The Boss?

October 16th was National Bosses Day. In honor of Bosses Day, I want to clear up some confusion on who’s the boss.

You know there is only one boss, right?

Whether a person shines shoes for a living or heads up the biggest corporation in the world, the boss remains the same.

Unwavering Beliefs for Sales Magic

There are two unwavering beliefs you must possess to work sales magic. If not, it’s costing you sales and you don’t even know it.

Assuming you’re in front of the right prospect, there are three parts to a successful sale.

The first two parts I cannot do a whole lot about as it’s about your mindset and attitude.

Leading a World Class Life

A friend forwarded to me a message from the late world famous author, Jim Rohn, on personal development. This message really hits home for me. I hope you receive as much value from reading it as I have. Jim changed the lives of millions all over the world and will continue to do so for many years with his infinite wisdom.

Winning is a Team Effort

I really enjoy football season and now that it’s September, the season is really starting to pick up.

I’ve been getting excited about the start of a new season with new players and more opportunities for my favorite teams to win.

We can only hope that fewer games are disrupted this year by Covid and that this football season can bring some normalization back to our lives.

Don’t Forget This Important Communication Tip

In any small business, relationships are the biggest advantage there is… relationships with customers most of all.

Our industry is unique in that what we sell is not something people buy just because they want to.

Yes, wise people purchase insurance to protect the things that matter most to them, such as life insurance to protect their family’s financial security.