It’s That Season Now… Time for a Check-up

2022 is quickly coming to a close… a part of me feels like it should be summer still.

Nevertheless, as a big sports fan, here we are the middle of football season (as a Southerner, nothing like college FB), Major League Baseball playoffs crowning a World Champion in 2-3 weeks, and the NBA basketball season begins next week.

If You Had to Do It Again

If you had the chance to start over with your agency, what would you do differently?

Here’s what I would do…

There is no doubt in my mind that I would start off by build a winning team of specialists instead of generalists that are trained throughout their career.

Digital Addiction … The World’s Worse

I believe digital dementia and addiction will easily pass alcohol and drug addiction if it has not already. It can certainly lead to drug & alcohol consumption and even addiction.

This is my opinion. It comes from being very observant especially over the past decade studying alcohol and drug addiction.

The Past Cannot Be Changed

You can google this and get a ton of information on it. I lot of it. I find most of it boring and way out there.

I have always been fond of the line, “the past cannot be changed.” I have my own interpretation of it.

I learned more about this topic from Dan Sullivan.

Sure Way To Get More Referrals

Networking… I do it. You do it. Insurance Agency Owners and other business owners do it.

Networking is about positioning what you & your business do in your market. This can dramatically help with referrals, retention, new customers, and cross/up-selling existing customers.

Goal Setting Is Bull$#@?

You may be thinking … I cannot BG just wrote that statement!!

He’s definitely goal oriented.

He’s shared not only his success, but also BGI’s Top Mastermind and Platinum Coaching Members successes for more than a decade.

One of the Best Productivity Tips

In 1918 Charles Schwab, the President of Bethlehem Steel hired productivity coach Ivy Lee to increase productivity at the steel giant. Schwab suspected the company could do more.

Mr. Lee met with Schwab and the senior team as a group for about an hour or so.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads & Granddads today!!!

I was lucky and very blessed to have my Dad for 52 years before we lost him suddenly 10 years ago to a heart condition at age eighty.
He was my first hero, teacher, coach, and so much more including me finally figuring out a lifelong best friend after years of not understanding this because I was “too smart” for my own good.

Control the Controllable

I’m a big college football fan. It was unavoidable. Here in Alabama, I was born into the heart of Southeastern Conference (SEC) Football. My parents were big Alabama football fans.

Growing up as a youngster, Paul “Bear” Bryant was the head football coach at ‘Bama.

Don’t Confuse My Middle With Your Beginning

You know from my last couple of blogs I have …

Hired a New Coach to help me in all areas of my world (business, health, lifestyle, personal finance, family/relationships, spiritual/gratitude, and community service)
Completed coach’s 8-week training sprint with some really top businessmen
Started/Bought a new business – an express tunnel car wash
Transformed my health in the last 13 months
And so much more which I may or may not be sharing here

See at the end links to previous blogs covering the above topics.