Our Staff

Bill Gough - Founder/President

If you have been in the insurance business for a little while, there is a good chance that you have heard of Hall of Fame Insurance Agent Bill Gough and BGI Systems. He is a household name in the Insurance industry.

For more than a decade, Bill has helped over 2,700 agency owners grow their agencies by hundreds of millions of dollars. He has more documented agent success stories than any sales/marketing agency or consultant in this industry.

Bill is the author of the Insurance Agency Sales, Marketing, and Operations Toolkits, plus 3 books. His latest book; “Insurance Agency Success” will be available later this year. Bill has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and many other publications. He has spoken on many of the biggest stages in the insurance and marketing industries.

Just like you … Bill has owned a local insurance agency for 27 years. For 21 of his 27 year agent career Bill’s agencies ranked in the top 1-5% of all agency owners in new sales production. He has won over 117 top sales awards, and was inducted into the Allstate Insurance Hall of Fame in 2011.

In 2008, after the death of his son, Bill Gough, III - Bill founded BGI Systems offering his toolkits and systems to agency owners wanting proven successful systems that guarantee growth while not killing themselves with added work or expense.

Bill is a true marketing rock star and currently commands $1,500 per hour consulting fee.

Amanda McFall - VP of Operations

Amanda graduated from the University of North Alabama Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Business Administration. Her major was in Computer Information Systems: Enterprise Information Systems with a minor in Management. She was the BGI Auto Email Marketing System Manager here at BGI for 2 years before moving up to become the Operations Manager. Since coming on board Amanda has taken the email system to an entirely different level. Her way of explaining technical things in a way the most people can understand is phenomenal. She knows this system from front to back and has ALL the answers for any questions that might arise. She is happy to help any of our members take their agency to the next level using all the benefits BGI has to offer.

Amanda lives in Waterloo, AL with her 4 fur babies Rhodie, Dobber, R.J., and Imp.

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