The Past Cannot Be Changed

You can google this and get a ton of information on it. I lot of it. I find most of it boring and way out there.

I have always been fond of the line, “the past cannot be changed.” I have my own interpretation of it.

I learned more about this topic from Dan Sullivan. He is one of the top coaches in North America and Europe to entrepreneurs worldwide. I was a member of Dan’s Top Coaching program, Strategic Coach, traveling to Toronto 4x annually to learn from this brilliant man.

Dan taught me and other Strategic Coach members to use both our failures and especially our past successes to always improve our capabilities, skills, and results. He called it, pulling your past wins to the forefront, and continuing to improve them.

For me, I use the past to always attempt to improve …

  • Me
  • My business, especially my marketing, and
  • My relationships.

Today, that last bullet is the most important of the three listed by a longshot, especially at this point in my life.

I rank my relationships in the following order of importance for me …

  1. My Creator, whom I call God
  2. My Family
  3. My Health, both physically and mentally
  4. My Business relationships with my team, customers, prospects, and centers of influence

Many years ago, in the middle of my Allstate Insurance career, I did not follow the order of importance above.

I put my business before everything. We had an incredible run. Lots of awards and accolades. It launched another business. This business, BGI Systems. But boy oh boy, my relationship with my family, creator, and my health paid the price of this “business success”. None more so than with those that loved me the most.

I am certainly not proud of it. Here’s a fact for you, I know with every fiber of my being … All Progress Starts With The Truth.

So, armed with this first step, I came to believe there is a better way and made the decision to turn my will and my life over to a power greater than myself to seek improvement in every aspect of my life in a proper order of importance as listed above.