Excuses are Weakness. Action is Strength

Recently, retired Allstate Agency Owner and former BGI Mastermind Member Paul Phaneuf sent an old, but still very relevant, email message I had sent to him in 2010 in this very same platform we use & send to you every Sunday afternoon (mostly).

Last year, Paul and his wife Tessa moved to Atlanta from Tampa after selling their Allstate Agency. He was cleaning out a box in his office and came across this message he found so valuable he printed & taped to his wall, so he could read it every day. It is a great reminder and should be near your desk at all times.

Paul and Tessa Phaneuf were one of my most successful BGI MM members. There were several reasons why. The biggest by far is his willingness to take action. They were in the MM group 5-6 years and took a lot of action. They also helped so many fellow MM members, other coaching members, and attendees of our conferences as they spoke many times from our stages.

Their results speak for themselves by becoming a top1-5% agency owner for many years receiving biggest awards, biggest bonus checks, and selling a for more money they ever imagined. They did it. Me, their fellow BGI members, and the BGI Team watched with great joy. They are truly fantastic people.

So here it is 12 years later with maybe a simple edit or two …

When you’re faced with a choice, do you choose to take hard action, or do you make the easy excuse?

Think about these questions;

  1. Do you go to the gym, or do you say you’re too busy?
  2. Do you call that scary prospect or choose to send an email instead?
  3. Do you fire that employee or choose to look the other way hoping they will change?

Most people choose the easy excuse over the hard action. How do I know? By their results.

People would rather find a good alibi than struggle for good achievement.

Why is this?

Because alibis are permanent, and achievement is temporary. You’ve likely heard, “success is like paying rent, and the rent is due EVERYDAY.”

Achievement is awesome, but it requires more achievement after something is achieved…over and over again.

An excuse, however, endures.

Achievement is hard, scary, and can even be painful!

Excuses are easy and safe, but they don’t make us feel very good. We end up laying one excuse over another until we are wearing more excuses than the Kentucky Derby has hats!

And even worse, your family, colleagues, and customers can see right through the excuses. It is obvious. And excuses make you feel depressed and lead nowhere.

So, what are you going to choose today? To take hard action or to make another easy excuse?

Excuses are weakness.

Action is Strength.

I challenge you to always choose strength.