Goal Setting Is Bull$#@?

You may be thinking … I cannot BG just wrote that statement!!

He’s definitely goal oriented.

He’s shared not only his success, but also BGI’s Top Mastermind and Platinum Coaching Members successes for more than a decade. Setting goals played a big part.

He’s taught hundreds of insurance agency owners, small business owners, and entrepreneurs how to achieve your goals with BGI’S Goal Plan Action system (GPA Baby).

You are correct. I am all about achieving goals.

I have been my entire life. Competing in all types of sports from 6 years of age through my high school years. Goal setting was always a part of sports.

I have always been interested in making my own money. Cutting grass as a 10-12-year-old. Working in my Dad’s small businesses beginning in Jr High through college graduation.

From sports competition, setting & achieving goals in working for my own money was natural.

My new way of accurate thinking to Achieving Goals.

Last week my message unusually long. It was full of resources that many of you took advantage of based on your responses.

One item I shared is a new method I have been using since January for achieving my goals in the 7 areas of my life called Goal Getting.

You may think big deal, you changed one letter.

If that’s your thought, you’re either one or two things. You are not goal oriented, or you missed last week’s message. For your sake, not mine, it better be the latter. That is, if you want to improve yourself.

If you missed last week’s message or glossed over it CLICK HERE to get it now.

Goal Getting helps you succeed with less work and more consistency so your motivation to achieve your goals is very high. To learn more about you should read and study last week’s message in solitude with pen and paper to take some action.

Today, Sunday July 7 @12:06pm, I want to answer how I am starting my day since Feb 10, every day of the week about 5-5:30 am.

The secret is … Preparation the night before. Because I do not have the willpower to do it consistently early in the morning.

Here’s what night before prep looks like today:

  • Meds & 16 oz. water cup on bath counter (no digging in pill bottles at 5:30 & sleepy)
  • Walking gear laid out in dressing room closet
  • Towel & flip flops laid out for swim immediately after morning walk
  • Spiritual reading material laid out in appropriate reading area
  • Business reading material laid out
  • Get in bed between 9-930 with some reading material and no TV

I failed twice last January beginning a new goal of daily walking. I could not consistently get up early enough to begin my day with a walk. This is a simple fix. Go to bed just an hour or so earlier, and prep the night before

My new coach, Michael McLean convinced me to begin the day with water and walk to create a great lifestyle habit, a routine, a ritual.

He failed like everyone else trying to figure out how to get it in during the day or evening. We do not have enough willpower, plus the thousands of messages and distractions we’re exposed to everyday because of the fast technology infused world we’re faced with every day.