My Health Transformation Last 13 months

I lost 55 lbs. in 3 months with ZERO EXERCISE.

About six months later, in January 2022, another 30 pounds were gone with very little exercise … and … I started a walking streak. Today, I completed 109 days in a row. More on that later.

Back in April of 2021, I was a pallbearer at two funerals for two very special people that had been in my life since our teen years. Sure, we grew apart but kept re-connecting over and over.

Both of these men died young. Greg 60 and Kenny 58.

You know as a pallbearer, I needed to wear a black suit. I needed black dress shoes, with socks.

I had not worn dress socks in probably 2-3 years because of my casual attire lifestyle.

I had become so fat, especially in my gut, that I had to stretch and do several knee bends just to put on my socks. Both times, my forehead was bursting in sweat. At sixty years of age, I was very unhappy and disgusted with myself
despite knowing better.

The next week, Vanessa and I had dinner plans with a couple we had not seen in several months. As usual, we arrived early and seated.

When Joel and Laura walked into the room, they were glowing. Joel had lost 65 pounds. Laura lost 21. They looked terrific. Both were full of energy throughout the evening.

It was THE TOPIC of conversation throughout the dinner. I quizzed them both like a detective in an interrogation room coercing a confession from a criminal suspect.

My wife, secret weapon, and biggest cheerleader Vanessa listened intently and when she spoke like EF Hutton, I paid attention. (Younger readers google EF Hutton TV commercials to get the reference)

Their success plan was simple. Simple, but not easy. If it were easy, the United States would not be the most obese country in the world.

It’s growing more every day because of the food industry’s addictive practices preying on human weaknesses. Just like tobacco and pharma.

Joel and Laura went to a Certified Specialist MD in weight loss. Not a weight loss clinic which may or may not have a Medical Doctor on site. What 99.99% of these clinics do not have,
is a Certified Specialist MD in Obesity Medicine.

I am not saying these weight loss clinics do not have value. I’m sure many people have had success with it. Some even long-term success.

Over the years, I’ve tried a couple of these WL clinics with some short-term success, but not long-term. I know this is 100% my fault because of my lack of consistent long-term action. I’m totally responsible for my actions, good and

The next week I made an appointment with the doctor. I began eating better before I went to meet the doctor.

Here Are the Steps I Took …

  • First Dr. appointment/consult with blood draws to get key metrics
  • Written action plan completed with Doctor including one long term goal … weight loss
  • My eating plan was based on my personal medical numbers
  • Medication based on my numbers
  • Accountability … Seeing the doctor every 30 days, with future blood draws

My STARTING eating plan was a Keto Diet with a goal of 20 or fewer carbs a day. (not a typo)

Basically, in the beginning, I could not eat carbs, which you most likely know, are mostly sugar, bread, and starchy foods. It also means very little fruit.

What I could eat was protein and non-starchy veggies. All the meat, eggs, and veggies I wanted. Also, I needed to eat some fat, even bad fats.

Regular salad dressing, mayo, etc.

I followed the plan to a T.

The weight fell off as my doctor promised.

  1. 20 pounds gone in month 1
  2. Another 20 pounds in month 2
  3. and 15 more after 90 days.

My secret weapon was my wife, best friend, and soulmate Vanessa. She gave me her full support in grocery shopping, meal prep, and healthy snack substitutes for my former favorites, chips, cookies, and ice cream.

Also, I added intermittent fasting. Eating only between the hours of 12 noon to 7-8pm. It works for me well as I do not wake up hungry. Not so for Vanessa, as if she doesn’t eat something by 9:30 am she gets low blood sugar and dizzy.

I started reading a lot on health, especially for sixty-year-olds. Here’s a list of books I read multiple times during my last 13 months' journey to better health.

  • Life Force by Tony Robbins
  • Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Dr. Henry Lodge
  • The Spectrum by Dr. Dean Ornish
  • Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink
  • Healthline Nutrition Daily E-Newsletters

Next, I hired a new business coach. I’ve known him for 18 years. He’s a brilliant marketer for small biz owners and entrepreneurs like you and me. Like me, he’s a big-time Dan Kennedy student.

I shared some information about him in last week’s message. If you’re interested in learning about it, and his new book, CLICK HERE to re-read that information.

One of the two big reasons I hired Michael as a coach was his coaching program included a health component no matter what your age.

He’s been around sports most of his life as a player and as a professional and amateur hockey coach.

Plus, he’s owned two hockey teams.

So, he knows about conditioning.

I had just lost this huge amount of weight. Not only do I need to keep it off, but I also needed to build strength because at my age we lose it every year.

Since watching Michael’s daily videos and joining his coaching program I lost another 20 pounds.  Plus, as I mentioned earlier above, I completed my 109th day in a row of walking with ZERO days off to keep up the momentum.

I walk outside. I walk for one hour and have for about 86 days.

One hour walk for me is just over 4 miles and 8,000 steps. I walk in the cold, rain, darkness, on vacations. No excuses.

I first began walking in mid-January for only 10 minutes from my home and back. 20 minutes total. I did it for about a week or so then I missed for a day or two and lost what little momentum I had.

I started back on February 10 and have not missed a day since. 109 days straight!!!

The secret …. prepare for my first thing in the morning walk the night before by laying out walking gear the night before as I am getting ready for bed.

Guess who taught me this simple task… That’s right, my coach.

Where did he get this brilliant info from? Right again, he experienced the same thing many years ago.

I got a lot of responses from last week’s message to learn more about Michael. So, if you didn’t respond but are interested in learning more about his new book, reply to this message