Don’t Confuse My Middle With Your Beginning

You know from my last couple of blogs I have …

  • Hired a New Coach to help me in all areas of my world (business, health, lifestyle, personal finance, family/relationships, spiritual/gratitude, and community service)
  • Completed coach’s 8-week training sprint with some really top businessmen
  • Started/Bought a new business – an express tunnel car wash
  • Transformed my health in the last 13 months
  • And so much more which I may or may not be sharing here

See at the end links to previous blogs covering the above topics.

Today, I do want to share something I learned from one of these outstanding businessmen during our online training led by Coach Michael. Like many of you reading this, Billy Wagner is an Insurance Agency Owner.  

Because of who Billy is as an individual, it doesn’t matter that he’s an agency owner. He’s successful in almost everything he chooses to do in business, personal life, and the rest of his world.  

If someone is ultra-successful you need to pay attention.

In one of Coach Michael’s Tuesday and Thursday online sessions, he did a case study on BW’s 21-step hiring process. Coach told us in advance of our 90-minute session Billy’s hiring system is the very best hiring he had ever seen.  

I was very excited about learning from Billy. The man has a $30 Million Agency. My new partners and I, with my trusted executive assistant Amanda McFall, are about to start a new business with a minimum of 10 employees per location. We’ll need a solid hiring process.  

BGI Systems and my insurance agencies already had a very good hiring process, especially for Sale Superstars. We’ve shared it with thousands of biz owners like you. We haven’t hired anyone in 5.5 years when my sales team walked out on me two weeks after Vanessa was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, I’m a little rusty.

Early in his presentation, Billy said, “Don’t confuse my middle with your beginning.”  

It simply means, DO NOT compare you beginning a new process with someone that has been constantly improving the same process over a long period of time. It’s like comparing apples to skyscrapers.  

You would be overwhelmed. You may not even make a start at something great or even new.

Notice BW says his middle, not his finished process. 
It’s his MIDDLE because he is improving it constantly.

I actually MISSED ITS MEANING during our live class. I was too busy writing notes.  

It wasn’t until the next day I went back through the presentation, like all of Michael’s sessions, that another BadAss businessman mentioned it.

Billy explained its meaning. It was another AH-HA MOMENT for me in addition to the AH-HA entire presentation the day before.

You see Billy’s 21-step process was built over a period of many years plus a lot of hiring mistakes which all of us have made. He’s constantly improving this process … and … all of his systems in the agency.

He chases perfection knowing it’ll never come. During his talk, he made at least 3 references on how they were going to improve several of the steps.  

Coach Michael calls this C.A.N.I.  … Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

With our new Car Wash biz, you can bet we will be practicing and teaching my partners the CANI System. Along with many of the same systems and processes that we built and used in my insurance agency and BGI Systems.

Many of you already have the BGI Systems Process Manuals. These are the systems and processes we learned from the best insurance agency owners and other businessmen on the planet.  

My big questions to you are … What are you doing with them? Could you do better with your current systems? Did you stop doing them with a little bit of success?

I know the answers to these questions. I’ve asked our BGI coaching members these since 2009.

I also know what else many of you will want … Billy’s 21-Step Hiring Process.  

His hiring system is proprietary information and cannot be released due to his agreement in his independent contract.

However, he’s releasing a new book very soon and it should be in your success library. I promise to get you this information as soon as we have it. 
I’m buying it.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Think about this … it’s very important.  

Print it out and read/study it every morning as you start your day for the next several days. Make notes on the sides and back, highlight it, etc. 
Even better is to read it as you put your head down before lights out and let your subconscious mind be infused with it during your sleep. This is POWERFUL if you give it a chance. Here’s a little secret. Me, Michael, and Billy are all practicing this right now!!

Today’s message is in the category of Accurate Thinking via the great Napoleon Hill. 
Google THAT if you don’t know the meaning. Hell, google it if you do. Or get your T&GR book off the shelf & re-read the most important chapter in his world-famous biz book