School is Never Out for the Pro

Summer is quickly approaching which means school will soon be out … well, for kids – but not for folks like you and me. School is never out for the pro. (Even I have joined a new coaching program. To learn more about it, check below.)

I have noticed that experts, those who are at the top of their field, are constantly reading, studying, and continuing to learn.

Why do they do this? To continue to improve and raise their knowledge and their abilities to an even higher level.

The world is moving fast today, and it’s only getting faster. Lifelong learning serves us well as it creates more value for us and for our customers and prospects.

Can you imagine going to the doctor for an important surgery and discovering that the doc was not staying on top of the latest medical research? Of course not.

What makes what you and I do any different? Doctor, insurance agent, realtor, it doesn’t matter – they are all the same. The profession is irrelevant; if you are not always learning, you may achieve success briefly, but you will soon find yourself falling behind those who are working daily to improve their skills.

We can never know all there is to know about any subject – trying to do so is useless. However, those who are the best and continue to achieve even more success, no matter the field, make continual lifelong learning a top priority and hold themselves accountable.

Can you say the same?

As for me, even the coach needs coaching I’m in the 8th week of an 8-week coaching program as I enter a new phase of my business and personal life.

It’s the HARDEST business coaching program I’ve ever participated in and the most rewarding by far.

This program is not for most business owners. It’s exactly what I needed. Hard coaching with accountability.

In upcoming weeks I’ll be sharing some things I’ve learned, applied, and some amazing results.

I have nothing for sale here. I’m not going to go back on the road or bring back the super conferences. Those days are long gone. I’m off to a new phase in my life.