Bill Gough Hired A Coach … My Reason Why

This past week, I heard from more of our members, friends, and readers than in some time. This was nice. More on it toward the end, but first,

My Big Reason Why …

Aristotle believed that everything happens for a reason… and that every experience in your life was designed to shape and reform you to the greatest version of yourself.

Based on my experience, I agree with him.

I would not be writing to you in 2022 had it not been for my son Bill’s death January 1, 2007.

I was definitely not the greatest version of myself for several years after that. I dove deeper and deeper into the depths of darkness.

For the first few months after Bill’s accidental death, I was in shock. I did not go to the office for some time.

I don’t remember much but because of our great people and profitable business systems/processes, in my absence, the agency flourished. So much, that 2007 was the best year ever in our agency up until that time.

Later in 2007, just before Thanksgiving, I read a story regarding a lady that lost her husband 7 years prior.

The widow was speaking with her pastor, and said, “Next week is my belated husband’s birthday, and it’s NOT going to be a good day.” The pastor replied “Wow, it must be really miserable PREPARING to be miserable a week from now.”

Something snapped in me when I read it. I said to myself; “NO more…NO more feeling sorry for myself…NO more preparing to be miserable.”

Since then, and year by year, I’ve done very well with this. Not perfect mind you but no planning in my head of being miserable around birthdays, holidays, etc.

Still today, very few hours go by EVERY DAY without Bill on my mind in some way. Most of this is loving and gratitude. Some sadness creeps in occasionally, but not for long.

Here are some reflective statements from today’s message:

In times of struggle, every negative experience you have can be viewed as an opportunity for growth and learning.

In times of healing, some people find it hard to believe that everything happens for a reason. Through our lowest points in life, we gain our wisdom and we allow for a new-found strength to emerge. You must remember, that without loss, we wouldn’t appreciate gain.

In times of chaos, things will appear to be random, but often, appearances lie. True chaos cannot be chaos as long as you have choices. A meaningful coincidence may be viewed as a random event, yet to the eye of the beholder, that event has a real purpose and meaning.

In times of reflection, the pieces of the puzzle come together again, unfolding an awesome picture. The struggles and victories are the true moldings of who you are in the present moment. With reflection, you can see why it had to happen the way it did. Hindsight is always 20/20.

In times of happiness, it all comes together in one moment… the AHA moment. This is when you finally see the wisdom behind the subconscious choices you’ve made…the clarity is finally shining through.

In last week’s message, I shared on a NEW 8-week coaching program which was the HARDEST and MOST REWARDING I have ever participated in. CLICK HERE to re-read.

We got lots of response from last week’s message. Some curious about what “new thing” I’m embarking on since selling most all of my real estate last December. A few curious about the coaching program. Some curious about who is coaching my coach.

My new coach, I’ve known since 2004. I met him at the VERY FIRST Marketing Conference for Insurance Agency Owners I attended.

My new coach was a young SUPERSTAR. He was a Marketing Great. He was doing things I had never seen. I quickly befriended him.

Like most top agency owners, he was happy to share. His agency was in Canada. I could only help him if I had something to share. And share I did.

This was the first conference for Insurance Agency Owners I had attended outside of an Allstate Insurance event. This was UNHEARD of for an Allstate Agency Owner with our consistent top 5% ranking. I was already achieving Allstate’s Chairman’s, Inner Circle, and Line Leaders Conferences where the real TOP PRODUCERS were.

My new coach came from the sports world. When I met him in 2004, he’d been in the insurance niche less than 3 years and was about 34 years old, ten years my junior.

My new coach and I saw each other several times per year up until about 2011 when I really got BGI Systems growing and decided to sell the my agency to solely focus on BGI.

THIS IS IMPORTANT …. My new coach is a TOP 1% person. In 2004, I was very comfortable as a TOP 5% performer. I was not a TOP 1% person, but I WANTED MORE and that was MY BIG REASON WHY I attended the 2004 Marketing Conference outside of the Allstate World.

Back then, Allstate Agency Owner David Spence shared with me about this marketing conference and encouraged me to attend because he knew I wanted more. Who’s David Spence? He only wrote more Auto, Home, and Commercial Insurance all in 3 lines than any Allstate Agent in California. A Top 1% person in all 3 categories.

After implanting several new things I learned at that 2004 marketing conference, for the first time we ranked in the top 2% of Allstaters in 2005. Stayed there until selling the agency in 2012.

My new coach grew the agency he bought from his Dad from a $3 million-dollar agency to a $17 million-dollar agency in in less than 18 years. Selling it for a record multiple because of his marketing and business acumen. His system for selling is by far the best I have ever witnessed.

My new coach then bought a minor lead youth hockey team in his small hometown. He won the equivalent of the NHL’s Stanley Cup in just a short time because of his many skills of recruiting, marketing to fill arena (owning a sports team is a business), coaching ability, and willingness to learn from the top coaches in North America. He STUDIES their SUCCESS HABITS.

My new coach manages his time almost as well as Dan Kennedy. If you know me well. You know I do this pretty good myself. He’s much better than I am at this although I’m improving again ☺