Be the Leader Your Team Needs

Now, more than ever, it is important to meet the needs of your team. As more and more people join the “Great Resignation” movement, it is time to not be just a manager but to be a leader in the workplace.

Unlike a manager, a leader establishes and influences the entire office, inspires, and charts the course for your agency’s success.

There are key differences between managers and leaders. Here are some pointers to help you delve deeper into the key points of successful leadership:

  • Managers Control. Leaders Trust. — The most valuable asset for a successful business is trust. This includes trust in management and your employees. Leaders know that an employee who knows that they are trusted will, in turn, trust management. The end result is a productive team with a common mindset and goal.
  • Managers Talk. Leaders Listen. — Both managers and leaders have people who answer to them. The difference between them is that leaders form circles of influence, while managers form circles of power. Leaders listen. By lending your employees a listening ear, they know that their opinion matters and will, in turn, listen to you and follow with action.
  • Managers Count Value. Leaders Create It. — Perhaps the largest difference between a manager and a leader is the capability to visualize and create value. Leaders promote long-term growth by looking past the bottom line. Instead of asking “what” and “when”, they ask “who” and “why”.

The father of modern management, Peter Drucker, once said, “a manager does things right. A leader does the right thing.” In a practical sense, managing and leading are both a necessity. Carrying out tasks in an effective, timely, and professional manner is important, but is only half of the whole part.

So, maybe it’s time for you to take a good hard look at the way you are running your agency, how your employees are interacting with you, and perhaps ask yourself this question:

Are you a leader?

Be the leader your team needs now and throughout 2022!