Are You Adding Value to Your Center of Influences?

Networking… We all do it. You do it. I do it. Other business owners do it.

Networking is positioning your name and what you do in your market, which can dramatically help with referrals, retention, new business, and cross-sells.

To become the best at networking, you need to ADD VALUE to your Centers of Influence (COI) relationships. Your centers of influence are other local business people in your area that are great sources of information and referrals.

I’ve found the best and very economical way to do this is by communicating with different media with your centers of influence, not less, and the communication needs to add value.

So, how can you communicate with your centers of influence? Do you communicate with them the same way you do with your customers?

I do, and we have taught hundreds of agency owners just like you exactly how to do it and not break the bank.

As an Insurance Agency Owner/business owner, you will have clients that own their business whether they insure them with you or not. You should also have some relationships with realtors, mortgage lenders, and other business owners like dealerships that can refer you clients.

When sending communications to COIs, one of the best messages for them are marketing and motivational tips to help them grow their business and to help them stay motivated.

When you are working with other business owners or your commercial clients if you’re not giving them information, who else is giving them this information to keep them motivated?

Most business owners like getting motivational messages and marketing tips.

Yet, they have to go out and seek it. Many are just too busy or think they are too busy to do that.

BGI coaching members have this service as part of their membership using our BGI Auto Email Marketing System? The emails are written every month with fresh content.

Providing these marketing and motivational tips can help make a difference in their business lives.

If you are interested in learning more about the BGI Auto Emil Marketing System and building your relationships with your COIs, email [email protected].