You’re Not Just the Coach

Have you ever considered how your energy affects everyone around you? This is something I've noticed in my years as a boss, that my attitude affects my team and their interactions with each other and with me. When it comes down to attitude and motivation in the workplace, I can't be just a coach - I have to suit up and play on the team too.

When you're the boss, there are going to be many times when you've got to put on your "game face" even when you don't feel like it. Your energy affects your team; and, no matter what you're dealing with personally or with another business or within yourself, you've got to keep it together at the office for the livelihood of your business and the motivation of your team depends on it.

Think about it from the vantage point of being a small business owner... When you walk in the door, all eyes are on you and your team members are looking for any sign of something being not quite right. No pressure, right? If you're anything like me (human!), sometimes it's hard to boost morale in others when you don't feel it yourself.

While none of us are perfect and we're surely going to mess up from time to time, we must take responsibility as small business owners for our actions, words, and attitudes.

The reality of life is this - each day, we choose all those things - our actions, words, and attitudes. We are in control of our interactions both personally and professionally.

I had a team member tell me once that when she was in high school, her school would do morning announcements and every day the last line of those announcements was "Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours:. Read that again.

Today, and all days, strive to control your attitudes and interactions to the best of your ability. If you ever feel overwhelmed, like you're not in control, or like a storm cloud drizzling negativity, try temporarily removing yourself from the situation, breathing, meditating, and then get back down to work.