Be a High Achiever in 2022

As an avid reader, I sometimes come across lessons that I know I need to share. A while back I ran across an article that was talking about high achievers vs. low achievers. I can’t remember the source but wanted to share them with you. It’s a long list of 14 traits. 

There are several traits that high achievers practice and probably several more we could all come up with on our own. I found these particular ones on point. 

  1. They move on— They don’t play the victim and feel sorry for themselves when things don’t go their way.
  2. They keep control— They don’t give away their power. They own their story and move forward with confidence.
  3. They embrace change— They don’t resist change, because they know with change comes growth, and they welcome the challenge.
  4. They stay happy— They don’t focus on the negative and all that could go wrong. They don’t complain. They know happiness is a choice.
  5. They are kind— They are fair, unafraid to speak up, and do NOT people please.
  6. They are willing to take calculated risks— They don’t just act without considering the risks and benefits. They practice the PAUSE.
  7. They invest their energy in the present— They don’t wallow in the past or focus on their failures. They keep centered in the present with eyes forward about the next right action.
  8. They accept full responsibility— They own their mistakes of the past and learn from them. They don’t continue to repeat past mistakes.
  9. They celebrate others’ successes— They aren’t jealous of other people’s successes. They are capable of their own successes.
  10. They are willing to fail- They never give up after a failure. They see failure as an opportunity for growth and never look back.
  11. They have staying power—They don’t expect immediate gratification. They know anything worth having comes with sweat, blood, and tears.
  12. They evaluate their core beliefs—They are constantly evolving and bettering themselves.
  13. They think productively—They replace negativity with a positive outlook and top it off with gratitude.
  14. They tolerate discomfort—They accept their feelings without giving them the energy to control their behavior and bring them down.

How many of these do you practice? Which ones could you work on?

Wishing you much success in 2022!