Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You know that fear, not money, is the root of all evil, right? Yes, fear, that evil and corroding thread that infiltrates your mind into thinking you are not capable of doing or being all that you want to do or be.

That little voice that stops you in your tracks and tells you; “I can’t”, “I don’t”, “I’ll never”, and on and on.Guess what? Fear is a natural part of our makeup.

We are told from an early age that fear is something to be ashamed of. Well, I’m here to say that it is not.

I am here to tell you to:

Feel the fear.

That’s right. Stop lying to yourself about being afraid and allow yourself to:

  • Recognize that it’s there
  • Stand still
  • Breathe deep
  • Say out loud “I am afraid.”
  • Next, you: Do it anyway.

It’s simple. Once you recognize the fear, you just do the opposite of whatever you are inclined to do. When your heart starts to race, your throat gets tight, or you feel yourself freeze, tell yourself: I have to do this.

And then, do it. Step out of your comfort zone and walk right through the fear instead of around it. 23 Seconds of courage is all it takes to get you through it.

Will it always work out perfectly? No, but you will feel so proud knowing that you didn’t let fear win, and you did what you should have. You will gain a sense of self-confidence in knowing that you do not have to hide from anyone or anything and that you can keep showing up regardless of what the fear is telling you.

Fear is a liar—Walk through it!!