Unwavering Beliefs for Sales Magic

There are two unwavering beliefs you must possess to work sales magic. If not, it’s costing you sales and you don’t even know it.

Assuming you’re in front of the right prospect, there are three parts to a successful sale.

The first two parts I cannot do a whole lot about as it’s about your mindset and attitude. Without these critical two pieces, the success puzzle with never be complete.

As the leader of your business, this rests entirely on your shoulders to lead by example and encourage your other team members to follow suit.

Here we go with the three parts to a successful sale …

  • The first part is your belief in yourself.
  • The second is your belief in your product and service.
  • The third is your technique or sales process.

Most traditional sales pieces of training teach you about technique and, while important, it is the least important factor of the three.

Number one is you; it’s your belief in yourself.

Selling is a transference of trust and emotion, so if you don’t believe in yourself that’s a real problem because your lack of belief will be picked up on by your prospect. You need to have supreme confidence in yourself.

You must believe with all your heart and soul that you are the very best person to help your prospect get the result he desires.

When I was an Insurance Agency Owner, I absolutely believed that a qualified prospect would be crazy not to do business with my team and me. Of course, I never said that to a prospect (Although on a couple of occasions I wanted to!). My unwavering belief in our ability to be their trusted advisor was transferred to my prospect and client.

Your prospects and clients will intuitively sense any hint of self-doubt and you’ll be sabotaging yourself without even knowing it.

The next most important unwavering belief is in your product or service.

When I first started at Allstate, two of the best salespeople I ever met were Wayne and Lowell. They were always the top two sales agents in our market area of about thirty agents.

As a new agent, I was really excited to watch these guys on calls and observe their technique. But when I spent a day shadowing them, I didn’t see any great technique. There wasn’t using the hottest NLP “ninja” technique. Absent were fancy rebuttals to overcome objections. No power closes were used to make the sale.

Nope, they just talked to the prospects and the prospects were happy to talk to them because they were focused on them and their needs, wants and desires. They asked smart diagnostic questions, came up with a plan, presented it, and closed sale after sale.

At their core, they believed that Allstate and their own ability to service their clients was the best choice the prospect could make.

Contrast that with literally every other agent in the market including me. We did not have the unwavering belief that Allstate was the best thing for our prospects, and our sales reflected that shortcoming. Wayne and Lowell on the other hand had total belief. As a result, that feeling was transferred to their prospects.

The third part of a successful sale is your technique or sales process.

If you are not using my scripted info gathering quote sheet, you are most definitely losing sales. You’ve convinced yourself or worse, your sales producer has convinced you that they do not need it, as they’re better off winging it on the fly. I call BS. Sales Pros do not wing it.

Would you get on an airplane if the pilot did not have a flight plan or ignored a checklist of the systems operating the aircraft? I’ve never heard a pilot come over the intercom saying, “folks the plane performed well on the flight down today, since we’re running a little behind and to save time, we thought we’d get up in the air before checking our mechanical systems.”

It’s the same with MOST SUCCESSFUL systems and processes. Do it the same way, the most productive way every time to maximize your skills and grow your business.