Winning is a Team Effort

I really enjoy football season and now that it’s September, the season is really starting to pick up.

I’ve been getting excited about the start of a new season with new players and more opportunities for my favorite teams to win.

We can only hope that fewer games are disrupted this year by Covid and that this football season can bring some normalization back to our lives.

This season, I’m thinking about all the players on my team, both personally and professionally.

You may have heard the quote before,

“The difference between success and failure is a great team.”

A great deal of our success is achieved by the many people in our lives – our families, employees, friends, and more all contribute to our overall level of success. Even the most talented people don’t get far alone.

When you win, make sure to take time to say ‘Thank You’ to those others in your life that are influencing your success and helping you get there. It is something that is easily overlooked but has a huge impact on the quality of your relationships with your “team members”.

I hope you and your teams are having a winning season so far – I’m rooting for you!