3 Tips for Creating Daily and Lifelong Wins

It’s officially fall … and that means football!

During my favorite sports seasons, I find myself thinking about winning and losing, a lot.

As a business owner, it’s something that’s never far from my mind … success versus failure; meeting goals versus not meeting them… you probably spend a lot of time thinking about it too.

I’ve spent a lot of my life winning, and a lot of my life losing. Most of us have.

Rarely will you come in contact with another human being who hasn’t experienced both the rush of success and the sting of defeat numerous times.

I want to share with you 3 tips I’ve picked up that have helped me focus on bouncing back from my losses and looking forward to creating more success.

Keep in mind – these tips work for wins and losses in life AND business…

  1. Expect to Win – Think about your favorite sports team. When they are walking onto the field before the game, their mindset is fixed on winning. No matter where their team’s ranked or how many seasons they’ve been playing the game … they want to win, they’ve practiced and they know they deserve to win … and because of that, often they do. Their positive beliefs, more often than not, lead to positive actions which create even more positive outcomes.
  2. Celebrate Everything! – Folks who are addicted to success celebrate small wins, big wins, and all the medium sized ones in-between. They know that small victories equal big success when looking at the bigger picture.

  4. Never, EVER Make Excuses – When they lose, people who have a winner’s mindset don’t make excuses. They look in the mirror. They watch the game tapes. They want to get to the bottom of what happened that caused them to lose, and then they focus on improving that. They CHOOSE to grow rather than point fingers.

You already have inside you everything that it takes to be a winner. Winners aren’t born. Losers aren’t born. We’re all born human.

Winners are shaped, molded, created from the combination of successes and failures they are met with on a daily basis.

So what’s your scoreboard look like? The game’s not over yet. Keep playing through ‘til the end!