Be Bold – Don’t Get Hung Up by Paralysis of Analysis

Last week I shared that the sixth side of leadership according to the book Leadership Excellence by Pat Williams is Boldness.

One aspect of being bold is the ability to be decisive and not get hung up by “paralysis of analysis” or as my VP of Operations, Amanda calls it, “Analysis Paralysis”.

Taking time to make a thoughtful decision is a necessary component of decision-making but too much thought can quickly become a substitute for decision-making. It can turn into procrastination and analysis paralysis.

In March of last year, Amanda wrote an article for our exclusive, members’ only monthly newsletter about analysis paralysis. Here are a few valuable excerpts:

What Causes Analysis Paralysis?

  • Having a large number of options – a great example is ice cream. When given the choices – Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla it is pretty easy to decide or just mix all 3. J When you are faced with choosing between over 30 different flavors, it can take a little longer to decide.
  • Over-complicating something – many times a simple yes or no may suffice but if you have to discuss and research, you are over-complicating it.
  • Self-Esteem –Having low self-esteem is one of the main factors causing analysis paralysis. You are scared to make the wrong decision thus you stall to prevent making any decision.

How to Know if you are Suffering from Analysis Paralysis:

  • Have you ever delayed making a decision because you were fearful of making the wrong decision?
  • Do you have to analyze every option before moving forward?
  • Do you feel you need a meeting with your team to discuss every decision?
  • Have you ever missed a great opportunity because of procrastination?

Other than delaying a project, analysis paralysis has other bad side effects such as feeling panicky/anxious, sweating more than usual, loss of appetite, changes in your sleep patterns, etc.

Be a great leader. Be bold. Be decisive. Make the needed decisions to take you, your team, and your business to the next level.