7 Ways to Sharpen Your People Skills

As a recap, according to Pat Williams’ book Leadership Excellence, the first side of leadership is Vision, the second side is Communication and the third side is People Skills.

To increase your success as a business owner and leader, here are 7 ways to build your people skills.

People Skill No. 1: Be Visible and Available. Never insolate or isolate yourself from the people you lead. Your people need to see you and talk to you.

People Skill No. 2: Be a Good Listener. To be a good leader you have to be silent for a while. Two great questions that a listening leader should be asking on a regular basis are … a) “What do you think?” b) “How would you make the call on this one?”

People Skill No. 3: Empower Your People. Empowering is the act of uplifting and encouraging people. The higher you are on the leadership ladder, the greater the impact of your words.

People Skill No. 4: Delegate. It is amazing what a leader can accomplish by utilizing the strengths, talents, imagination, and energies of other people. It doesn’t mean hand off everything and abandon your people. We still have to maintain communication and accountability plus be ready to accept responsibility for both achievement and failures of the team.

People Skill No. 5: Take Care of Your People. A leader must be loyal to those he or she leads. Loyalty is the quality of being faithful to a person or a cause. Loyalty is based on a commitment, a decision - not feelings.

People Skill No. 6: Don’t Avoid Conflict – Manage It. Great leaders don’t fear conflict. They face it and resolve it.

People Skill No. 7: Level With Your People. If you want to lead people, you’ve got to level with them. Leaders of excellence are leaders who speak the truth.

All of these people skills are simply facets of the greatest people skill of all, the people skill of agape love – the deliberate commitment to love even when the object of that love is neither lovely nor lovable.

Pat Williams is an incredible author with a unique writing style utilizing stories. He doesn’t always write about business and leadership. He has written about some of the most successful sports figures, celebrities, military and political leaders.