4 Unconventional Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business

Spring is here! It’s that time of year where we roll up our sleeves and tackle some of the biggest projects we have around the house. While many of us wouldn’t hesitate to get started at home, few have ever thought about what doing a little “spring cleaning” in our businesses could mean for our success.

While I don’t mean literally getting down on your hands and knees and cleaning your office building, there are a few things you can do this spring to help get yourself and your team ready for the rest of the year.

The following guidelines will help you become a better listener:

  • Clean House – Take inventory, then take ACTION, regarding the things going on that no longer give value or have decreased in value to your business. You are wasting time and money letting things like this clog up your mind. This could be a physical item like a stack of books you’ve been meaning to give to clients (adding no value to you sitting in the corner) or a service you offer that few people use (a great example of this in my business is that we took action long ago and no longer accept cash payments. This saves us time, energy, and worry.)
  • Repurpose – Just like you’d think about refinishing an old dresser at home, you can always try helping a team member with their own repurposing. If you never have, segment your team and make sure you are using them in the position that best fulfills them both personally and professionally. Consider new ways to leverage their talents and listen to what they have to say about their jobs. Making sure you have the right people in the right chairs at your office makes a huge difference, both for your short-term goals and years down the road. (The starting point for this is sales vs. service, then further specialization.)
  • Tidy Up Your Goals – It’s April now, which means this year is 25% GONE. How are you coming along on the goals you set for you and your team back in January? Are sales on schedule (or even higher than anticipated!)? What’s your plan for the 7.75 months we’ve got left in 2021? If you’re falling behind – or even if you threw your goals checklist out the window on January 2nd – now is a great time to reevaluate or get back on track with your goals.

I want to leave you with one last thought about spring cleaning in your business (and your life), and it might be the most important one of all:

Your mind is a garden; your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.

No matter what you’ve done so far this year or what you might achieve the rest of 2021, I can guarantee that you will enjoy and experience life a thousand times more abundantly with a positive mindset than you will with a negative one.