Do You Have a Referral Program?

Referrals are often one of the more difficult aspects of any business owner. One thing that I learned early in my career was that you can give a little and get a lot back if you take the time to market yourself and your business towards a rewards system. This allows the customer to help build your clientele, because every client loves a gift and every business owner loves a referral.

The key to referrals is giving your clients a reason to refer their friends and families. Nowadays everyone claims to have great customer service but very few can actually prove it. So put your money where your mouth is and show them that you are so certain that their friends and family will love your service that you’ll give a reward for their word of mouth. The offer doesn’t have to be large and it doesn’t always have to be monetary. Maybe it’s a charitable donation in their name to an organization or a raffle ticket.

Also, make sure you remind them of WHY they should refer you. Try to use different language in your marketing campaign such as “3 advantages” or “Why they will love our service” anything to tell them that your business isn’t a faceless “big box” companies on TV, but rather a caring confidant that your client, and their loved ones, need.

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