Put Some Disney Magic In Your Agency

A few years ago I had the privilege to work with a great man, Vance Marris that spent 10 years as an executive at Walt Disney World Orlando. He mastered the service secrets of Disney and shared many with me and attendees of one of our Super Conferences.

He showed us how Disney is one of the best companies to study for customer service and that we should model their business systems.

What is one of the top reasons why guests return again and again to Disney? The cast - The front-line employees whose job is to create Systematic Magic all the time, every day.

So just how does the company train and educate over 65,000 people (just Walt Disney World in FL) and get them all on the same page? Through repeatable, replicable, PRACTICED systems.

Their systems are second to none.

One of the best systems you can put to work in your business is the scripting of every team member of your agency. You and your “cast” saying the right things at the right time to ethically persuade your clients, prospects, and centers of influence to buy your products and refer their friends and family to you can create the freedom you deserve as an entrepreneur.

Each of our team members are given scripts and talking points for delivering world-class service and differentiating our agency from the typical robot agencies that simply react to what’s occurring in their business each day.

Here is a simple friendly script that’s very effective on how we suggest you answer the phone at your agency. “Good morning, this is Wendy at _____ insurance company. How can we put a smile on your face?” This simple script makes you different from 99.9% of all businesses in the world.

A powerful persuasive script that can be used in many areas is, “Would you have any objection to ______?”

Here are a few fill in the blank options:

a) “ … me showing you what we do for our customers?"
b) " … me showing you what we can do for your friends and family?"
c) “ … getting your insurance coverage started now?”
d) “ … me coming by your office to talk with your team on how we can help you look like a hero to your clients?”

Over 15 years ago, I began documenting all of the systems and processes we do in our insurance agency. Doing it the right way every time to maximize performance and profits.

You and your team members need to practice EVERY MORNING your sales close, handling objections, policy review talking points, and asking for referrals BEFORE they get in front of your customers and prospects.

An amateur practices until they get it right. A pro practices until they cannot get it wrong.