Neglect is Like a Pebble

Neglect is like a pebble in your shoe. What starts as a slight annoyance can lead to a sore that can become infected that leads to a staph infection – and THAT can kill you.
As overdramatic as it may sound, that’s what happens in both your business and personal life if you ignore the pebble of neglect.
One small neglect not attended to can lead to the death of your marriage, your business, your health, the relationship you have with family, etc. And to add to it, neglect in one area of your life leads to neglect in other areas.
One of the world’s great business philosophers the late Jim Rohn taught,
“Neglect is a major reason why people don’t have what they want. If you don’t take care of things in your life, neglect becomes a disease. If you neglect to do good things with your money, you probably neglect to do good things with your time. If you don’t know what’s going on with your health or your bank account, you could be at risk. Set up new disciplines to change your life. Don’t neglect.
Let’s take some ACTION TODAY: Pick an area you are working on improving. This can be inside your business or in your personal life.
You do have an area you are working to improve, right? You are already focused on the things you need to do each day to improve it, correct?
Now, I want you to check for pebbles in your shoes. What small neglect are you allowing to exist? (Because, well, it’s not really hurting anyone or it’s not that noticeable right now?)
You’ve got at least one, I’m sure.
Anyone who has traveled as far down the trails of life as you and I have picked up pebbles. We must shake them from our shoes now before they lead to the death of our goals or one of our important values.
This is a different and important way to look at improvement: Not just what you need to do, but also what you are not doing, or what you are neglecting.
Right now is the perfect time of year to take this action.  Now is when most folks just “keep on keeping on” and say to themselves, “I’ll do better in a few weeks with the beginning of the new year.”  That’s a lame excuse and a big pile of crap.  We know better, don’t we?
Take 5-10 minutes right now and type or jot down on paper what pebble(s) you will begin to shake off. Doing so can improve just one area of your life, and that’s a start.