Using Whiteboard Meetings in Your Agency

As the year is slowly coming to a close, I am looking forward to saying good riddance to 2020. Thanksgiving may look a bit different for many of us this year but know – no matter the state of the economy, pandemic or political climate – we are thankful for you and your continued trust in BGI Systems to help your agency grow.

Lately, I’ve heard from a few new agents asking for something simple they can implement in the 2021 to better help them reach their goals.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a laundry list of systems and processes that should be implemented in any agency to take it to the next level. Every week I try to share these with you.

This week I will share a simple idea that can easily help your agency reach and exceed your goals while continually expanding on your team’s knowledge and training – “Whiteboard Meetings”.

Whiteboard meetings are daily stand-up meetings at the “whiteboard”, which lists your daily, weekly, and monthly production and goals.

These are done twice daily, first thing in the morning, and at the end of the day. They are intended to last for a maximum of 5 minutes. Each team member simply states, in less than 30 seconds, what they are expecting to do that day, and the leader (agency owner or sales manager) will talk about where production is, how you are tracking for the week and month, plus mention something encouraging, and that you will meet back at the end of the day to discuss what happened.

These meetings can be a little awkward at first. I’ve heard this from top agency owners. Also, many agents were trying to do too much at the meetings, and adding in some training or role-playing with their entire team.

We encourage script practice or role-playing every day or only on the days you want to win.

Sale superstars with sales super stars and service heroes with each other. Each team member takes no more than 5 minutes to practice handling sales objections, opening or closing a sales talk with referral language, discussing price increases, asking for referrals, annual review scripts, life specialist introductions, claims, etc.

Basically every day is about 10-12 minutes in the morning at the whiteboard with a short practice session to start off the day with a champion attitude and being proactive.

A business can NEVER be perfected. You can only make progress and the most successful business owners understand that progress needs to occur daily to stay ahead of the fast paced world that we live in today.