One of the Oldest, Yet Powerful Relationship Building Tools You Have

This week’s message and lesson ties in perfectly with this time of the year, Thanksgiving and the biggest advantage we have as small business owners operating in our local marketplace.

The world around us is moving at warp speed. Entrepreneurs and business owners often get caught in the trap of searching for the new answer to their dream of new business growth. Technology is very important and we must have our antennae up searching for an improved way of doing business. BUT many times doing so can put you and I so deep into the forest we fail to see the beauty of the trees right in front of us.

I’m talking about something EVERYONE in your agency can and should be doing EVERYDAY to have a HUGE IMPACT on the growth of your Insurance Agency serving its clients, prospects, and centers of influence.

The handwritten Thank You card is so simple, and yet so POWERFUL in today’s business environment.

Yes, yes I know you already know this. It’s also vastly underused even by many of you reading this message now.

When you make handwritten Thank You cards a part of your marketing, you will stand out to your clients and prospects because very few people actually take the time to do it.

Aside from the birthday cards and holiday cards from family and friends, your thank you cards most likely will be the only other handwritten greeting cards your clients and prospects receive all year. Many of the Christmas cards we receive are pre-printed and not even signed by the sender

If you’ve been around the BGI universe for a while, this is not anything new, as I am constantly talking about it. My question for you is, are you doing it with every new “ideal” prospect? Notice, I did not say every prospect… you can use discretion to send them only to possible multiline customers.

The way we did it, and how Wendy continues to do it today, is with every “ideal new prospect quote” they receive a “shock and awe” package of stuff filled with handwritten Thank you card, personalized quote, and 6 other items. We show up like no one else, this is just one way to “position” our agency as the go-to or expert in our marketplace.

Swipe and deploy this simple technique today to start seeing results right away.