How to Keep Your Team Motivated During a Pandemic

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Over the years I’ve received many questions on how to get the best results from team members. One of the best ways is to keep them motivated!

Motivation is hard to find these days. Most of us are burned out not just from work but from everything going on – the pandemic, wildfires, civil unrest, election politics and more. Motivation and positivity as a whole is becoming more and rare.

Here are a few tips on keeping your team motivated, during and after the pandemic.

  • Face to Face Meetings – Whether the team member is working in the office or remotely, weekly one-on-one meetings are crucial. There are many popular video chat/meeting options that allow you to not only see each other but also each other’s screens for team collaboration and presentations. Please take all precautions during this pandemic to keep yourself and your team members safe and healthy during in person meetings.
  • Maintain Contact and Give Encouragement – It is important to stay in touch and check in with your team members regularly. A motivational email in the morning and an end of day recap may not seem like much but it is a great start no matter if you are working in the same office or remotely.
  • Offer Benefits such as Counseling – This is a really rough time for many people. Giving the opportunity to call into a helpline when needed can make a huge difference. Telemedicine has really taken off this year. You can learn more about the Small Business Telemedicine Program that includes an Employee Assistance Program with counseling and more by CLICKING HERE.
  • Continually Train and Roleplay - Your team members should continually train and roleplay to be constantly improving. When a team member fully understands the ins and outs of a process/product you offer, it gives them confidence. With confidence your team members can excel.
  • Recognition and Rewards – It takes more energy now for your team members to give you 100%. Their 100% now may not look like their 100% a year ago. Recognize and show appreciation to your team members for the work they are doing.

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