Agency 101 – Your Customer Service is a Form of Marketing

Most people do not think of Customer Service as a form of marketing but … it is!

When the majority of people think of marketing they think of direct response marketing, email marketing, advertisements – radio, tv, online, etc.

In reality, anything that draws clients to you or helps you maintain your current clients is marketing.

When you deliver consistent, above and beyond customer service, you build relationships. The relationships your team nurtures on a daily basis are priceless. You should really treat them as such.

Now more than ever, consumers are turned off by gimmicky and overstated mass marketing campaigns. In today’s market, a person relies more on their first-hand experience, the experience their friends and family have and their online influencer’s experience to determine if they want to do business with a company.

For many years I have said that you are not in the insurance business, you are in the marketing business. Now I take that even further – You are not in the marketing business, you are in the relationship business.

The relationship you build will allow you to gain more new clients, increase your cross-sells, referrals and more.

Here are just a few examples of how to deliver “WOW” customer service and turn your relationships into dollar signs:

  1. Have a warm and appealing entrance experience –Greet and welcome everyone to the agency that walks through the door with a smile and offer assistance right away.
  2. Offer seating and a drink –If a person must wait before speaking with a sales producer, offer comfortable seating and a drink out of the way of other office visitors – Not in the hallways where people have to turn sideways to get by.
  3. Make the call their best all day –When a person calls into the agency they could have limited time available (on break at work, in-between appointments, etc.). Make sure that the time they have is well spent by being able to handle routine calls quickly.
  4. Insure a smooth payment experience –that allows for quick processing.

The #1 thing everyone must remember when working with clients, prospects and centers of influence – Be Genuinely Positive and Helpful!