Marketing 101 – Importance of Using Scripts in Your Agency

This week we are continuing the popular Marketing 101 series. Even the most basic tasks in an agency need to be reviewed from time to time. When you have a proven process, these tasks are gold!

Have you ever listened to one of your team members on the phone and heard them say something that made you cringe?

When your customers call in with a question, would they receive the same answer from everyone in your agency?

By using Scripts in your agency, you are able to free yourself and your team from common mistakes and pitfalls on the phone that are hurting your closing percentages.

My definition of a “script” is “words in sequence that have a meaning.” So, according to this definition everything your team members say to prospects and customers are scripted. If you do not equip them with scripts that work best to close more sales, refer their friends, get more cross-sells, including life insurance leads, they will be using their own language and therefore, leaving tons of money on the table that could/should be yours.

When your team has a script to guide them, you can feel confident knowing that your agency message will be delivered correctly on every call. This helps your team avoid unintentionally damaging the relationship with your customers.

Without a good script, your team may achieve varying results…BUT… If everyone uses the same effective script, they are all empowered to sell more.

Over the last few weeks I have offered you scripts to receive more referrals and scripts to use during a policy review. This week, I would like to offer you an audio CD on How to Double Your Closing Ratio and Convert More Prospects to Clients – all by using Scripts! Email [email protected] with your address to request your free CD or CLICK HERE to download the digital audio files to your computer.