Direct Mail

This week I am returning to the popular Marketing 101 series. This week let’s talk about Direct Mail. Even the most basic tasks in an agency need to be reviewed from time to time. When you have a proven process, these tasks are gold!

Direct Mail is one of the oldest proven marketing techniques business owners can use to grow their business.

Here are the top reasons you should use direct mail in your agency.

  • You Get BETTER Clients. When you target who you want to be in your book, stay with that target market, and you continue to market to them over and over, you get a better client because these are not shoppers. These are people that have a moment of truth. They've either had a bad claim with current carrier, or their agent has made them mad, didn't return their call, etc. You are showing them that you are better for some reason than who they've got now.
  • They Stay Longer And Refer More. T Once you get your ideal client into your book, you need to constantly be in their mailbox to continually build the relationship and trust. An agency newsletter mailed bi-monthly, a quarterly life insurance letter with an emotional story, along with annual review offerings, holiday greeting cards, and birthday cards and letters are just some of the direct mail pieces that your clients will appreciate. The reward of sending these direct mail pieces is higher and longer retention plus referring their friends that are likely much like them … higher valued clients.
  • They BUY More. T Just like everything mentioned above, your ideal clients will buy more products when they gain more trust in the relationship.

Two of the most common mistakes agents make are

  1. Lack of Long Term Commitment and Non-Consistency - They'll jump in and they'll do a direct mailer because they heard it’s working for someone else. They'll do it a month or two and when they're not getting the results they want, they jump out of it. They did not give it long enough for it to work. There's a long tail using direct mail. As Dan Kennedy often says, “the world is not going to stop and pay attention to you just because you decided it’s time to mail.”
  2. Poor Tracking of Results from the Mail Pieces - TYour support team must understand what your direct mail is all about and how to respond to inquiries, including tracking numbers. Use special phone numbers on your mail pieces that ring directly to your best sales producer to diminish disconnect between service or admin team members.

Want more information on using direct mail the RIGHT way for your agency?
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