Albert Einstein and Your Happiness

This week we start a short 2 week hiatus on the Marketing 101 series to bring you important, timely, information.

I just finished the new bestselling book, “Countdown 1945” by Chris Wallace. It’s excellent. Especially if you’re a history fan like me.

Did you know Albert Einstein was a big influence to President Franklin Roosevelt? He started atomic research several years prior to the bombing of Japan.

Einstein is mentioned in the book several times and it even includes a copy of the actual letter he wrote to FDR advising him that the Nazis we’re trying to develop atomic energy and the U.S. needed to get involved too.

The letter included one of Einstein’s quotes on the letterhead, “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”

We, as entrepreneurs, are often in a state of restlessness and will occasionally give up peace for productivity. With all the unrest in the country, more and more entrepreneurs are unhappy. The future of their business, their dream, is caught in the crosshairs of this pandemic and economic turmoil.

You may ask, how can I, as an entrepreneur, an Agency Owner, find calm and bring more happiness in my life?

The best way to bring more happiness in your life is to work ON your business, NOT IN your business.

When you switch gears to work ON your business, you will find that you are able to take a step back to see the overall agency at a higher level. In seeing your agency from this point of view, you will find the areas that need the most attention and training.

By implementing proven systems and processes in your agency, you can revolutionize your agency and see new levels of success.

I started BGI Systems in 2008 to create a legacy for my late son, William M. Gough III (a.k.a. Little Bill), and to help other agency owners achieve and exceed the success that I experienced over my career. Since then I have watched hundreds of agencies grow and flourish.

Now is not the time to give up. Yes, the economy is bad. Yes, the future is uncertain but you cannot throw your hands up without a fight.

Are you ready to take the elevator to the fastest way to the cash? As Bill Glazer says, “The difference between ordinary income and extraordinary income is implementation.”

Now is the time to get your hands dirty and do the hard work so that you can later relax and watch as your agency runs autonomously.

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