Marketing 101 – Saying Thank You

What small business marketing technique, that is only two simple words, can get you more money? It's simply saying "Thank you".

Most people will make some kind of thank you gesture to their clients ‐ but it doesn't translate into tangible bottom line results for your business. Here’s how you get a bigger bang out of saying 'thanks'.

The most powerful way to say “Thank You” is through the use of a personal, handwritten Thank You card. Each employee in the All American Agency is required to write 20+ Thank You notes each month as part of their Champions Bonus System. This can be a Thank You for making a payment, new business, buying a new car, making a referral, etc. It can also be a Thank You just for stopping by and having a conversation with them.

Sending the personal handwritten Thank You note makes your customers feel appreciated and special, and they’ll return the Thanks in kind by being a loyal customer.

The notes need to be sent out as quickly as possible following the interaction with the customer for biggest effect.

Do you know the #1 reason most customers switch over to the competition? It's because of perceived indifference. They think you don’t care or don’t really need their business. By 'thanking' your customer you're showing you really do care about them and their business.

Unsure how to start off your note? Here are a few opening line examples:

  • I hope this letter finds you well …
  • Thank you very much for …
  • I know it isn’t much, but I hope you’ll except this expression of thanks for …
  • We truly appreciate your business and we’re grateful for the trust you have in our agency …
  • Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in ….

For more examples of thank you notes and the importance of them, do a quick google search on using thank you notes in business. There is a wealth of knowledge online for you to reap.