Marketing 101 – Retention

Continuing the popular Marketing 101 series, this week let’s talk about retention. Even the most basic tasks in an agency need to be reviewed from time to time. When you have a proven process, these tasks are gold!

I’m sure you know that it takes much more effort to gain new customers than to retain and cross-sell your current customers.

There are many ways to increase your retention, here is a list of 8 things we did ON PURPOSE for RETENTION!

  1. Birthday calls – Call your customers on their birthdays. You’d be surprised at how many appreciate this simple gesture.
  2. Policy Reviews – Complete full policy reviews at renewal to make sure your customers are sufficiently covered for the unknown and are receiving all possible discounts.
  3. Full size calendars mailed to entire BOB at New Years! This will be an everyday reminder to your customers that they are fully covered by an agency they can trust AND can easily find your contact information when needed.
  4. Magnetic calendar mailed to entire BOB for fridge at Christmas with your contact information! (You can now choose from a variety of magnets from calendars to common cooking substitutions)
  5. Automated Calls 4 times a year (Roll clocks back – spring forward, closed for big traffic holidays, etc.)
  6. Send emails to your customers consistently - Keeping in touch with your customers will not only keep your name and information in front of them, it also builds a strong trusting relationship depending on the content you send. You do NOT want to only send insurance related information. Give them valuable top of mind information.
  7. Provide your cell number to your customers – it’s rarely abused and pays off big.
  8. NEWSLETTERS - Both email version and print copy (yes these were expensive but not as expensive as losing customers). Include a personal article in your newsletter- for example a picture of you and your family. You have to let people know you are real – when you are real they don’t like to leave!