Marketing 101 – Are You Credible?

If your client or prospect doesn’t believe you, you’ll never sell a thing. The best way to build credibility is through actively pursuing and implementing testimonials.

You love you clients and they love you—ask them to tell you why and then use that testimonial in your marketing.
There are two kinds of testimonials that you want to use: outcome testimonials and testimonials that overcome objections.

Outcome testimonials are just as the words imply, they are the outcome or result your client received from using your product or service. Here’s an example testimonial that is outcome driven:

“I have been Bill’s customer for several years and I hope I never have to change insurance companies again. This company knows I am the customer and is at my hand whenever I have a problem.”

Testimonials that overcome objections come from individual situations where you and your team went above and beyond, servicing your customer quickly, effectively, and with great customer service. Here’s an example testimonial for overcoming an objection:

“Bill and his staff were a tremendous help to me during our time of need. Hurricane Ivan caused major damage to our home and buildings, and Bill’s staff responded quickly and effectively. We were told the day and time people would be coming to help us and they did. We have just about completely recovered now thanks to Bill Gough and his staff. Ivan caused major damage to all, and some people without Allstate Insurance are still waiting for service.”

Having trouble capturing testimonials? Make sure that there isn’t anything holding you back!

Write down all the reasons why someone wouldn’t come to you for their insurance needs or refer you to their friends and family, then get testimonials from your current clients that overcome each reason why.

When is the best time to ask for a testimonial? When your clients are the most happy! When you have completed something for your client and they have the most to say about your service is the best time – for example after a successful policy review, when you have handled a request or anytime you or your team go above and beyond.

Make use of those testimonials in your agency and you will see your results soar!