No Problem is a Problem… Especially for Your Agency

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

It's customary for either the service/sales provider (you) and the person being served (customer/prospect) to say "thank you" in one form or another.

But recently, it's become widespread for the service provider to respond with “No Problem” when thanked by a customer.

"No problem" is a problem for your agency and team members.

“No Problem” is not a proper response for you or your team members to use when responding to a customer saying “thank you” in a service/sales transaction.

It sure as heck better not be a problem to serve a customer. It's your job. Your customers are providing your paycheck.

You know I'm a huge advocate of learning from others. In this case why not learn from one of the best service providers in America...Chick-fil-A.

Visit any Chick-fil-A and listen carefully. Every time someone thanks a service provider at Chick-fil-A the response is, “My Pleasure”.

When a customer thanks you or a team member, I encourage you to respond with, “My Pleasure”.

Or, make it more personal with, “You’re welcome John. It’s my pleasure serving you”.

Your choice of words is huge in your business. Especially in the “real business” you are in … the relationship business.

Do not get sucked in with this “cool or faddish” response of “no problem.” You will not hear it from employees at Chick-fil-A, Ritz Carlton, Marriott Hotels, and other great service providers.