Pay Attention to the World Around You

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

Over the years, the internet and hi-tech devices started to take up most of our time. It is getting more important than ever to pay attention to the people and things around you.

It is crucial to understand how paying attention can improve your life.

Practicing and learning to pay attention is not an easy process, but if you want to live a happier and more productive life, you should practice and learn to pay attention to EVERYTHING.

We must never allow a day to pass without finding the answers to a list of important questions such as:

  • What is going on in our industry?
  • What new challenges are currently facing our government?
  • Our community?
  • Our neighborhood?
  • What are the new breakthroughs, the new opportunities, the new research, the new tools and techniques that have recently come to light?
  • Who are the new personalities that are influencing world and local opinion?

We must become good observers and astute evaluators of all that is going on around us. All events affect us. What affects us leaves its impression on who we will one day be, and how we will one day live.

We can learn what we know and from what we don’t know.

By being present, patient, observant, and not fear the things we don’t know, we can notice more about the world around us.