Are Your Customers Covered?

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

We are going through an unprecedented time in our lives. Many of us are unsure of our future and are having to implement quick changes to our normal daily routines.

Thinking of how this has affected you and your family; how do you think it is affecting your customers?

Are your customers fully protected for the unknown?

As an insurance agent, it is our responsibility to make sure our customers have no gaps in their coverage.

Do you have a CONSISTENT SYSTEM in place for policy reviews?

If yes, that’s great. I would SUGGEST that you MAKE SURE it is up to date (leave no stone unturned) with what is going on in our world TODAY. Please do not take this suggestion lightly.

If you do not have a consistent process for policy reviews; RIGHT NOW, is the time to put it in place. We can help you with this. Email [email protected] and ask how.

Every day the unthinkable happens. There is nothing we can do to stop it, but we can make sure the people we care about are properly protected.

Your customers need reassurance. Give them the peace of mind they need by reaching out to them to review their policies. Many of them are home and available to speak with you and your team.

Over 22 million Americans are unemployed. How can you better serve your customers than to make sure they are
receiving the best rate possible? Not only will this help them, it will also help build your relationship with them.

Let your customers know you care. Offer a policy review today and make sure there are no gaps in their coverage and that they are receiving the lowest possible rate.