Are Your Customers Driving You Crazy?

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

In today’s world, it’s imperative for all businesses, but especially small businesses like yours/ours, to excel in customer service.

Customer Service may be the only thing that keeps customers coming back, as they can often find cheaper service online or with another agency. Good customer service in a small business is critical for survival, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Approach interactions with your customers as a relationship, not just a transaction.

  • Knowledge: You – and your team – must understand what you’re selling. It’s frustrating when you go to a company and the salespeople can’t answer even basic questions about their services. Training your employees to understand your product and your business is KEY to great customer service.
  • Training: Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are so busy, that they tend to take a sink or swim approach to their teams training. You can’t expect your team members to know what to do – as well as to understand products and policies – unless they’re trained.
  • Genuine Good Manners: Smile. Be polite. Say thank you – A LOT. Remember, always, your customers are people, not just dollar signs.
  • >Go the Extra Mile: Whenever you can, try to make the customer happy. Is the customer, always right? Anyone in business can tell you that they’re not. But whatever you can do to exceed their expectations and solve their problems increases their loyalty to you.

In today’s business climate, the difference between a loyal customer – and bigger profits – is great customer service.

Just Remember… When you’re committed to your customers, they’re more likely to be committed to you.