Are You on the Path to Success

by Bill Gough, Insurance Hall of Fame Agent

Why is it that so few people seem to take the path?

Each and everyone of us have different opinions for our own success but there are several reasons why, so why are so few people willing to “pay the price” to be successful?

We all know for us to pave the path to our dreams; we must first plot the path to success and commit and pay the ultimate price to get there.

The path to success isn’t easy. Talk to anyone who has achieved the level of success they are at. They will tell you that from day 1 they knew deep down inside them they would be successful and the mess they went through to get there.

There were probably days, weeks, months, or even years where they were working 2 or more jobs, could barely pay bills, and they failed, many, many, times oh boy did they fail. Times of doubt, deep soul searching, and times of thinking about giving up. BUT THEY COULDN’T GIVE UP.

Becoming successful doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience and persistence.

We must hold on to our faith. Push through when everything is going against us and others telling us to quit. We KNOW where we belong and what we NEED to be doing to get there. Our FAITH in ourselves strengthens us to dig in to look at the obstacles that are in our way.

NEVER, EVER listen to people that tell you you’re wrong, stupid, naïve or dumb. These people are quitters. When you live a life influenced by others…. You are setting yourself up for failure and you will never succeed.

Follow your ambition. It will lead you to ACT on your path to success. You’re no longer wishing for success but instead you’ve taken life by the horns and making it happen.